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10.3.33 Time-series inputs

In the STEM Editor, a time series appears as a button, which leads to a dialog where you can edit the parameters of a particular construction as a collection of inner fields. Each construction requires a different set of inputs, so the dialog for the inner fields has an additional menu which allows you to change from one construction to another.

Time-Series Type Menu

The following types of time-series inputs are available:

  • Constant
  • Straight Line
  • Exponential Growth
  • Multiplier
  • S-Curve
  • Dual S-Curve
  • Interpolated Series
  • Transformation, Market Segment or Location
  • Time-Series Formulae.

These are considered in turn in sections Constant to Time-series formulae. The annual interpretation of these types is broadly the same if you run a model with shorter time periods. The subsequent sections then explain how these types are evaluated for sub-annual periods – see Specifying inputs for shorter time periods, Using alignment to relate periods and Using steps to constrain time-series inputs.


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