STEM help / Calculation framework

Inputs beginning with ‘E’


The set of elements in a Collection. Use the data-dialog Edit menu to insert or remove elements, or use drag-and-drop between the corresponding icons – see 9.2.2 Editing and comparing data for a Collection.

Default: none.

End (1)

A period input which, in conjunction with Begin, can be used to restrict the range of model run periods for which audit information will be generated. By default, audit information is displayed on the screen for every period of the model run.

See 4.25.3 Controlling the audit output.

Default: Y100.

End (2)

Specifies the period in which the new depreciation schedule ends The original depreciation is accelerated so that by this time the value of the asset reaches zero (or the Residual Value, if any).

Default: Y0.


The expression (or formula) used to define the Output of an Expression Transformation as a function of up to twenty Inputs, e.g., Input1 + Input2 + Input3.

Default: none.


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