STEM help / Calculation framework

Inputs beginning with ‘F’


Specifies the model element and parameter that is varied when the sensitivity is run.

See 9.4 Using sensitivities to identify critical model assumptions.

Default: none.

Field (2)

References a specific input field within the model for inclusion in the web presentation. A note on this sensitivity parameter field gives the tooltip for the input.

See 8.2.4 Export of selected inputs from the STEM model editor for further details.

Financial Lifetime

The number of years over which the capital value of a Resource is written off. This depreciation period must not exceed the Physical Lifetime. This input is only relevant for a Persistent resource.

Default: 0. A special case meaning the Financial Lifetime is equal to the Physical Lifetime.

Fixed Annual

Defines a fixed annual administrative fee, paid at the start of each year during the term (except for the first year).

Default: Constant {0.0}.

Fixed Start

Defines an up-front fixed fee at the start of the term.

Default: 0.0.


The fixed component, usually between 0 and 1. The asymptotic value of the time series if the Multiplier is less than 1.

Default: 0.0.


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