STEM help

4. Editor skills

New to STEM?

Our One-hour tutorial demo provides a fast track for learning the essentials of STEM in twelve five-minute exercises.

This go-to resource is a great way to get started if you have installed a #STEM4free demo system, but never seen the software in the hands of an experienced user.

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This section provides a complete description of everything you can do in the STEM Editor, written in terms of the procedures you can perform.


Data dialogs

The input assumptions in a STEM model are set out in a number of so-called data dialogs according to the icon-menu structure for each of the different element types, as well as global inputs and parameters for individual time-series inputs.

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Operators and functions

STEM supports many familiar (and a few not-so-familiar) operators and functions which you can use in formulae for numeric inputs. Precedence and associativity of binary operators can be imposed with parentheses in the usual way.

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