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In this dialog, you set the way in which Resources are deployed across a number of Sites. Deployment of Resources can be specified either for the Function as a whole or for each Resource separately, or for both. If Deployment is specified for an individual Resource, any Function deployment requirements are ignored for that particular Resource.

Sites (2)

The number of sites at which Resources are deployed, which can be defined directly as a time series, or as a reference to a separate Location or Transformation element.

Default: Location (<none>). No deployment constraint is applied.


A choice of the way in which Resources will be distributed across the Sites specified as part of a Function or Resource deployment constraint.

One for one: the number of sites represents the minimum number of units of Resources that must be deployed, i.e., there must be at least one unit per site.

Monte Carlo: this provides a good approximation of normal installation, and is the result of statistical analysis based on a normal distribution of customers over sites.

Homogeneous: demand is distributed evenly over the sites, and at least one unit of Resource is installed at each site. When all units are fully utilised, another unit is installed at each site.

Smoothed Homogeneous: units are installed to meet demand until one unit is installed at each site, representing a gradual spread of demand as capacity fills up. Once there is at least one Resource for each site, demand is distributed evenly, with the same number of units at each site.

Extended Monte Carlo: same as Monte Carlo, but at least one unit is provided per site.

Default: One for one.

Monte Carlo Factor

For the Monte Carlo deployment distribution only: one over the number of extra units required per site, in addition to the minimum necessary to meet demand.

Default: 2.0. The extra slack capacity installed corresponds to an average of half a unit at each site.

Deploy Any Resource

A choice of whether Resources in the same Function are regarded as interchangeable for the purpose of Function deployment.

No: deployment constraints are applied to each Resource separately. The Function constraint is only applied to a particular Resource if it does not have a deployment constraint of its own, i.e. Sites defined as Location (<none>).

Yes: any individual Resource deployment constraints are applied, then the Function constraint (if any) is applied to all the Resources collectively.

Default: Yes.


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