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4.10.1 Transformation inputs

An Input for a Transformation can be a Resource, a Service or another Transformation. To be precise, the value of such an Input is derived from a result associated with the given element. For another Transformation, this result is always its Output; but for the first two alternatives, a supplementary field specifies on what basis the Transformation Input is derived from the element.

Thus each type of Input has a different set of input data and the corresponding dialog again has a Type menu to select the desired construction.

Changing type in a Transformation Input dialog

Note: You can also define Transformation Inputs directly by dragging between the corresponding icons – see 4.4.8 Connecting elements.

Renaming Transformation inputs

Most Transformations only have one input, but an Expression Transformation can have up to twenty inputs, the sense of which depends on the expression itself. In order to clarify these expressions, both the inputs Input1 … Input8 and User Data User1 … User10 can be renamed – see 9.1.4 Renaming fields for an individual element and Expression Transformation.


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