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4.20.1 Changing the printer setup

There are a number of parameters which affect what the Editor sends to a printer, from size and orientation of paper, through to margins and borders. If you are connected to a network, you may also be able to choose from a number of different printers. In order to access the Print Setup dialog:

  • select Print Setup… from the File menu, or
  • click the Setup… button in the Print dialog, as described above.

Figure 1: The Print Setup dialog

By default each page will show the model name, page number, date and time, as well as the specific title of what is being printed. If you want to change what appears in the header or footer, you can use the following special codes or ‘escapes’:

Code Interpretation Example
%d Current date 18 August 2006
%t Current time 15:45
%p Page number 1
%n Number of pages 5
%f Filename of model LOCLOOP1.DTL
%g Full path of model C:\STEM\MODELS\LOCLOOP1.DTL
%w Specific title of what is being printed View 1
%c Literal ‘%’ %

Figure 2: Header and footer escapes for printing


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