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4.24.2 Changing the licensee name on a security key

The company name of the licensee is pre-programmed onto each security key, and – if the key is attached to the computer – this name is then displayed in the About box when STEM is loaded. (This mechanism is designed to discourage an unauthorised third party from using a mislaid key.)

From time to time, circumstances may arise, such as re-structuring or re-branding, in which the licensee may wish to change this name; and this process requires an authorisation password for each security key:

  1. Select Contact Implied Logic from the Help menu as a quick way to initiate an email request to STEM Support.
  2. Quote the precise text for the new licensee name, as the password information generated is validated directly on this text.
  3. STEM Support will send this information by return, in the form of an updated keypass.txt file, which should be copied over the original file in the STEM installation directory.

Then, in order to change the licensee name on a particular key:

  1. Select Change Licensee Name… from the Key menu in the Editor. The Change Licensee Name on Security Key dialog is displayed, showing the key number and the original licensee name, together with edit boxes for the new name and password.

  1. These details should be read and entered automatically from the keypass.txt file; but if this file is missing, or if STEM Support has provided the information in a different format, then simply enter it manually.
  2. Press <Enter> or click the Apply button. If the password information is correct, then the original licensee name will be updated in the dialog and the edit boxes cleared.

  1. Press <Enter> again or click Close to complete the procedure.

This process can be repeated for each key supplied to the licensee.


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