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4.14.5 Linking default values from an external file

As well as linking defaults within a model, you can also retrieve time-series data or default values for a whole model element from another STEM model or an appropriately formatted spreadsheet.

In order to link to an element in another STEM model:

  1. Select Open from the File menu to load the other model into the Editor.
  2. Use the mouse to pick up the required external reference from buttons in dialogs for the other model, or use drag-and-drop to paste a link between icons – see 4.12.3 Internal references and reference mode.

For an Excel file, you must type the external reference text into a formula by hand, using the External Links dialog to format the filename part correctly – see 4.13.1 Creating an external reference. The data can be laid out in any order in Excel, but must be accompanied by corresponding field labels in order for STEM to identify the individual fields correctly. This format is described in detail in 6. Exchanging data.

Once you have created the external link, the inner fields assume new default values, which can be overridden on an individual basis, just like an internal link. Again, the new default values are shown in either green or blue – see 4.14.8 Colours for linked defaults.


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