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4.5 Working with data dialogs and tables

Each element in a STEM model has a number of associated dialogs, accessed from a pop-up menu on the icon, which allow you to enter and review data for that element. Dialogs for data which affects the whole model (global data) are accessed from the main Data menu or from a pop-up menu on the view window.

Accessing an element data dialog from an icon menu

A data dialog displays data values in a labelled grid of cells, corresponding to a number of fields from an element, or the global data. There is a separate formula bar, where you can modify the value of each individual field. This procedure is described in detail in 4.6 Entering and editing data.

There are also special dialogs for entering time-series data, as well as tabular equivalents of all the individual element data dialogs, where the usual data are presented with one column for each of several elements of the same type and can be edited just as in an individual element dialog.

The Find function can be used to search for text in data dialogs throughout the model – see 4.21.1 Finding elements, text and values.


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