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4.3.6 Copying a view to another application

If you are preparing a report based on a STEM model, it can be useful to incorporate an image of a view, e.g., in a word-processor document. This is achieved by first copying the image to the Windows clipboard and then pasting it into the document using the word-processor application’s own Paste command in the Edit menu.

In order to copy an image of a view to the Windows clipboard:

  • click on the button on the toolbar, or
  • select Copy Picture from the Edit menu. The Copy Picture dialog is then displayed.

The Copy Picture dialog

Note: The scope of the image defaults to the visible portion, unless you have first selected more than one icon, in which case the current selection is the default.

The image is generally copied as displayed, so that hidden icons and links are not included in the image; if you copy the current selection of icons, links to icons which are not selected are also suppressed.


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