STEM help / Exchanging data

6.7.1 Using the Windows clipboard with STEM

The simplest clipboard format is unformatted text. The STEM Editor uses this format to move text fragments in formulae and notes to and from the clipboard, also tab-separated time-series data for Interpolated Series.

You can also copy pictures of views and graphs to the clipboard, in Windows metafile or bitmap formats (see 6.1 Exporting views and graphs). If you have a graph shown as a table, either in the Editor or Results programs, you can copy the table as a picture or tab-separated text.

In general, the structure of STEM input data is too complex to copy directly to another application, in the way that you can between two elements or models in the STEM Editor. However, you can copy any data dialog to the clipboard, in the form of text, as displayed in the dialog grid. A more structured approach to data import and export is provided in 6.3 Linking input data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and 6.6 Linking input data via ODBC.


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