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6.3 Linking input data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets

The STEM Editor provides a mechanism to retrieve data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or workbooks using external references. An external reference is a string of text used in a formula to identify the required data. The form of an external reference is '<filename>'!<reference>. The <filename> is enclosed in single quotes to prevent special characters being mis-interpreted as another part of a formula. For an Excel file, the <reference> may be a cell reference (e.g., R1C2 or $A$2), or a name which is defined in the worksheet.

Note: If an Excel workbook contains several sheets, the name of the sheet must also be specified, as in the following example:


This is the same format as is used in Excel for an inter-workbook link.

The easiest way to link STEM and Excel together is to start by exporting model data from STEM – see 6.2 Exporting model data to Excel.


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