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6.5 Working with the STEM Add-In for Excel

If you are using STEM as part of a wider modelling exercise, or if your results require further analysis in a spreadsheet, it is vital to be able to interface STEM models with Microsoft Excel as easily as possible. To support this need, STEM is shipped with an Excel add-in (stem.xla) which allows you to run models and access results directly from Excel. The add-in provides the facility to retrieve STEM results through clear and intuitive worksheet formulae. It also contains macros for running STEM models from Excel. Both aspects of its operation can be controlled from a handy custom toolbar.

A brief description of this add-in is given in the following pages, and it must be emphasised that no specialist knowledge is required to use these functions with one of your models. If you wish to customise these functions, the underlying code should be readily adaptable if you are familiar with Visual Basic, but a description of the internal code structure is beyond the scope of this documentation.


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