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1.7 Results browsing reimagined

In STEM 7.4, the results selection interface was accessed either through the Draw Graphs… command, from which you could select from a list of pre-defined graphs, separated on the basis of result type (e.g., service, resource, network), or through the Draw New… command, where you could create graphs from a selection of results, by type. Either way, you would then choose relevant scenarios and finally elements in a succession of cascading dialogs. Previous selections could not be changed without cancelling and returning to previous dialogs, so it was not a very flexible process.

The new approach to graphing in STEM 7.5 starts with selecting the elements you are interested in, regardless of type, followed by selection of pre-defined graphs or results, and scenarios. In the future it may be possible to access results directly from elements in the Editor. This approach allows for display of multiple types of result on the same graph, which was not possible in previous versions of STEM (e.g., service and resource results shown together).


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