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9.1.6 Renaming fields for all models

When you rename fields using the All Elements or Element text boxes in the Rename Field dialog, the new labels become part of the model, and are saved with the model data when you save the model. These labels will always be present, even if you load the model into a copy of STEM running on another machine, but they will not be available in another model.

If you want to use the same labels in several models, the easiest approach is simply to save your model with a new name, so that the labels you have defined are carried over to the new model. However, if you want to define labels which will appear automatically when you create a new model, you can use the All Models text box in the Rename Field dialog.

A label defined in this way will appear in all models loaded in STEM on your machine, unless a particular model has its own labels for the same field. As indicated in the dialog, a label for a field in an individual element overrides a label for that field defined for all elements, which in turn overrides any label for all models.

These All Models labels are stored in a file called stemname.h, which STEM looks for in the same place as stem.ini – see 11.4 STEM.INI – which means they will only be visible on another STEM user’s machine if you take a copy of stemname.h, or it is a networked installation with a common path to stem.ini.

If you have modified any All Models labels during a session in the Editor, you will be prompted to save changes when you close the Editor; but you can force the Editor to save these labels at any time by clicking the Save Session button in the Rename Field dialog, or by selecting Save Session Field Names from the Options menu on the main window.

The Rename Field dialog for All Models


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