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5.9 Auditing derived results

The Results program presents a list of pre-defined graphs, drawn from a much larger number of underlying results for each type of element present in a model. The key operating results are calculated and stored in a results file (.smr) by the model engine, and these are retrieved by the Results program as so-called primitive results. However, many more dependent results, especially financial results, are calculated when required from results definitions (i.e., formulae) loaded from a configuration file such as default.cnf. These dependent results are known as derived results.

This background is not apparent when you look at a graph in the Results program, and a common question is how the data on a graph are calculated. STEM provides context-sensitive help for such graphs when you press <F1> and there is also a complementary Draw Precedents command on the Graph menu, accelerated as <F2>, which allows you to ‘drill down’ into a graph of a derived result to see the precedent results and values from which it was calculated.

Auditing Service Operating Profit


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