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2. Training

Historically STEM training has been delivered face-to-face and usually on a client site as part of an initial licence deployment. These training services, which are widely regarded as the best way to get started with STEM, are still offered by Implied Logic and its delivery partners.

Our face-to-face training service usually includes a modelling workshop on a current business topic. These consultative workshops often generate unexpected insights as the modelling process provides a fresh perspective on client business practice, or may reveal previously undetected omissions or inconsistencies. We also offer a full consulting follow-up advisory service which can help you achieve your initial modelling objectives in record time and with maximum certainty. You can review our training and consulting rates in our online store.

The best place to start is our 2.1 One-hour tutorial demo, a blank-screen exercise which illustrates the potential of the principal service, resource and location elements. This serves as an optional warm-up to the 2.2 Two-hour tutorial demo which includes multiple direct costs and a number of secondary overheads more representative of a real-life business. The latter is illustrated by a series of short video clip from a complete live demonstration.

Our reference training course, 2.3 Exercises in STEM modelling, is presented in full below, and explores all the key concepts and functions of STEM in the context of an existing model. The associated model is pre-installed with STEM and it is quite feasible to work through the exercises on your own. Even though you won’t have the benefit of a trainer answering your immediate questions or challenging you on what you have learned, you will find that each exercise concludes with a series of prompts for Things that you should have seen and understood.

Coming soon

As we adapt to the different needs of a new generation of ‘self-service’ visitors and customers, we are adding some more compact tutorials that serve as much to illustrate what you can achieve as how to actually do it.

Either of the tutorial demos mentioned above may be booked as an alternative or in addition to the reference course for face-to-face training.


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