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8. Business models on the web

This section explains the operation of an Enterprise STEM (eSTEM) application server which connects a user interface delivered and presented in a web page to an encapsulated set of related STEM calculations performed on a central server.

The end-user experience is described as a value proposition in 8.1 Overview of the STEM software family, and then an overview of the underlying process is presented in 8.2 Working with an eSTEM model from the perspective of a STEM user who wishes to make a model available on the web.

Sections 8.3 Managing a hosted eSTEM application server to 8.6 Creating Excel-based reports to download in XLSX or PDF format focus on how to manage the server and configure individual models, whereas 8.7 Setting up your own eSTEM server explains the technical details for how to set up your own server, which is only relevant if you are not using the Implied Logic hosting service.

The structure of the associated model files and operation of the embedded web service are explained in more detail in 8.8 Developing your own code to interface with the web service for the benefit of third-party developers who may wish to create their own custom web applications which interface directly with the web service.


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