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6. Exchanging data

This section is designed to provide a common reference for all the techniques you can use to link STEM to other applications, such as word-processing and spreadsheet packages, with references to 4. Editor skills and 5. Results program skills where necessary. There are procedures to help you retrieve input and results data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and databases, and export STEM results in a variety of formats for further processing; as well as a number of ways to export views, graphs and tables for inclusion in documents.

The easiest way to link STEM and Excel together is to start by exporting model input and results data from STEM. This automated process creates an Excel spreadsheet containing data which is dynamically linked into the STEM model. Then the STEM add-in toolbar for Excel can be used to develop a comprehensive interface in which a STEM model can be run from Excel, and its results dynamically linked back into the spreadsheet.


External reference labels for Excel

A comprehensive listing of the labels required for linking time-series and defaults for whole elements in STEM from data in Excel.

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