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2.2 Two-hour tutorial demo

Broadband connectivity in a metropolitan area

This is a basic introduction to the STEM visual software for the reliable modelling of business which covers all the most commonly-used features, and alludes to plenty more. It is intended as a follow-up to the minimal 2.1 One-hour tutorial demo which provides an end-to-end overview in less time, but obviously with less detail. The two tutorials share certain elements, so time invested in the first will speed progress with the second. However, both are scripted to suit a newcomer, so the first step is not essential.

This Two-hour tutorial demo is framed around the provision of broadband connectivity in a metropolitan area. Tutorial examples explore essential techniques that would be used for many more revenue and cost headings in a detailed, commercial model. Each section includes a short video clip from a complete live demonstration (1h40m).

The 25 exercises combine the definition and scaling of cost drivers with the calculation of a cost per customer, and hence profit margin for a given tariff, plus further iterations to compare business-case dynamics within a scenario framework. The result is a model that connects technical credibility with reliable financial impact within a fabric that is easily visualised and can be reliably and consistently extended to great scale.

The complete tutorial script is also available as a standalone PDF download (to the right) which may be shared freely (unmodified).


Tutorial script

Work through the exercises in your own time offline and share with interested colleagues.

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