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3.4 Exporting run time models

A run-time model is designed specifically for distribution to non-licensees. Such a model can be re-run – in principle by anyone – using distributable run-time software components that do not require a dongle. This vastly widens the scope of use of the software: the only limitation on a run-time model is that its structure, i.e., the set of elements and their names, cannot be changed – see 7. Distributable STEM.

The facility to create a run-time model, together with the legal authority to re-distribute the run-time software components, is subject to a premium distributable STEM (D-STEM) licence agreement with Implied Logic. Although only a D-STEM user can export run-time models, all STEM software components recognise and respect the semantics of such models; so that, for example, a conventional STEM (C-STEM) licensee will be able to modify the assumptions of a run-time model using the standard Editor without compromising its run-time status.


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