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7.1.1 Sharing assumptions and results from a conventional STEM model

If you have built a STEM model which demonstrates the viability of a business case, then clearly it is desirable to be able to circulate the native input assumptions and results to colleagues, not just to disseminate the conclusions, but just as importantly, to gain credibility for the results and the underlying methodology.  The STEM Results Program is purpose built for exploring the results of a STEM model, and this functionality can be readily shared by using the standard STEM demo pack (extra copies of which can be ordered from Implied Logic as required). 

If you first run your model, and then distribute both inputs and results (.DTL, .ICP, .DTM and .SMR files), then your colleagues will be able to use the demo Editor to explore the model assumptions and the demo Results program to browse the results.  This is an effective way to share a read-only model.  However, in the absence of the authorised software or a dongle, non-licensees will not be able to re-run such a model after making any changes to the inputs.


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