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1.5.4 Notes per field

Notes were first conceived in STEM as a reference for a whole dialog; the dialog Note button served to indicate, access and edit this single note. In STEM 7.4, support was added for notes per field in the Web Presentation dialog for a sensitivity element, enabling notes to be used to capture long individual control descriptions. In STEM 7.5, notes are now tied to individual fields throughout the Editor, such that separate notes can be entered for each field.

If there is a note associated with an individual cell, it is indicated by a new ‘note indicator’ (red triangle) in the top right-hand corner of the cell. If you hover over a field with a note indicator, the associated note is visible within the tooltip for the field.

Figure 1: Viewing a note for an individual field in the tooltip associated with that field

Pressing the main dialog Note button accesses the note for the currently selected field (Capacity Unit field in example below); alternatively, a note can be accessed by right-clicking on the field, and selecting Note from the context menu.

Figure 2: Accessing a note for the currently selected field from the dialog Note button

The Note button at the top of the dialog changes to indicate whether or not there are any notes for the dialog: when there are notes and when there aren’t any notes. The tooltip for the Note button at the top of the dialog displays any/all of the notes in the dialog, in the same order as the associated fields in the dialog (i.e., in the example below, the first note is associated with Capacity Unit, and the second note with Physical Lifetime), whereas the tooltip for an individual field only displays the note for that field.

Figure 3: Tooltip for dialog Note button, showing all the notes associated with the dialog


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