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1.2 Using STEM for the first time

New to STEM?

Our One-hour tutorial demo provides a fast track for learning the essentials of STEM in twelve five-minute exercises.

This go-to resource is a great way to get started if you have installed a #STEM4free demo system, but never seen the software in the hands of an experienced user.

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This section uses a sample model, supplied with the STEM software, as an introduction to the main features of both the STEM Editor and Results programs, and briefly describes the basic concepts of STEM, together with the inputs and results of the model. It also summarises the benefits of using STEM compared with other modelling tools. The emphasis here is on reviewing the structure and detail of an existing model, and to give an overview of the operation of STEM, without describing how the model was built.

For a more detailed, step-by-step guide to building a model, see 3. Basic concepts. Training is recommended before attempting to build models of your own – contact Implied Logic for details of STEM Training Courses.

For details of how to get the most out of this User Guide and the corresponding Online Help, see 1.3 Finding information in the STEM documentation.


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