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Results beginning with ‘E’


Annual earnings before interest and tax, also known as Operating Profit.

Revenue minus Depreciation minus Amortisation minus Operating Costs.

Include: Standard

EBIT Margin

EBIT divided by Revenue.

Include: Standard


Annual earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation.

Revenue minus Operating Costs.

Include: Standard


EBITDA divided by Revenue.

Include: Standard

EBITDA Multiplier

The multiplier used to calculate the terminal value of the network from final-year EBITDA, included in the NPV (EBITDA Multiplier) result.

Select Constants from the Edit menu in the Results program to change the value of this constant when the Network NPV (EBITDA Multiplier) graph is displayed. The graph is updated automatically to reflect the new EBITDA Multiplier.

Include: Standard

Equipment Charge

The sum of the Operating Charge for all Resources in a Collection named literally ‘Equipment’, if one has been created in the model. This result features in the predefined graph Network Revenue and Categorised Charges.

You can define similar results for any specific category of cost that you wish to include on a Network graph. (It is only possible to combine both Service and Resource results in order to show a breakdown of revenues or charges in a Network graph).

See 5.17.4 Categorised financials.

Include: Advanced


Funds which have been invested in the business by shareholders or retained in the business from profits.

Share Capital plus Retained Earnings.

Include: Standard


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