STEM help / Calculation framework

Inputs beginning with ‘N’

Nominal Bandwidth per Connection

For a data service, the nominal bandwidth of each connection.

Default: Constant {0.00}.

Normalise Profile

A choice governing the interpretation of the Installation Profile input.

Yes: the Installation Profile is scaled to match the actual number of units required in the first period of the model run, guaranteeing that pre-run installation matches the initial demand.

No: the Installation Profile is taken at face value, stipulating specific numbers of units to be installed for each of the pre-run years up to and including the first period of the model run. This may cause the model engine to install additional slack capacity.

Default: Yes.

Note: pre-run installation needs to be enabled (Pre-Run Installation = Yes) within the Data/Other details dialog for this input to work. This input is disregarded if the global input Pre-Run Installation = No.


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