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Inputs beginning with ‘O’

Operations Cost

The cost of operating a fully-utilised unit of a Resource per period (as defined by the Cost Period input) in its Calibration Period, charged pro-rata on the basis of the used capacity of the Resource.

For a consumable resource, operations cost is the cost of using one unit, in proportion to its actual usage, and generated in the period when the capacity is used.

Default: 0.0.

Operations Cost Trend

This is applied to the calibration value you set for Operations Cost for each resource in the Resource/Costs dialog.

Default: Constant {1.0}.

Output Mode

Indicates whether the time factor multiplies or divides:

Aggregate Count: the time factor is in proportion to the length of the current period (in order to infer an aggregate event count from a static input).

Instantaneous Rate: the time factor is in inverse proportion to the length of the current period (in order to infer an equivalent annual rate from an aggregate input).

Default: Aggregate Count.

Output Unit

Select the output unit that you want to use from the drop-down list box, or define your own. The selection has no effect on the model but is used in results graphs.

Default: none.

Overdraft Rate

The annual interest rate for an overdrawn current account. This is the cost of exploiting a negotiated overdraft facility.

All rates are specified as proportions, e.g., an interest rate of 10% is specified as 0.1.

Default: 0.0.


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