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Inputs beginning with ‘L’


The text used to identify an element in the Results program when selecting elements to draw on a graph and for labelling the subsequent graphs. If the Label is blank, the element name is used instead.

You can group a number of sensitivity parameters by giving them all the same Label. They will then be treated as a single group in the Results program.

There is also a global Label field which is just used within the Editor as an overall description for the model.

Default: none.

Lifetime Months

For short-term resources for which a conventional lifetime in years may be too long if the model runs in months or quarters. The actual lifetime (in months) is calculated as Physical Lifetime × 12 + Lifetime Months. Allowed to be zero for a consumable resource and otherwise describes a shelf life for the resource.

Default: 0.


The name of a Location, selected from a list.

Note: these relationships are easily defined by dragging between the icons for the respective model elements – see Working with Links.

Default: <none>.

Long-Term Investment Proportion

The proportion of surplus cash in long-term investments, as opposed to on deposit as liquid, short-term investments (typically marketable securities).

Default: Constant {0.0}. All surplus cash is on deposit in short-term investments.


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