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9.5.5 Using collections to structure the expanded model

As you will see from the figure of the expanded model in 9.5.4 Previewing the expanded model structure, the original replicant elements are replaced by collections of the same name, serving as a direct interface to the varying assumptions within the Editor, and providing aggregate results for each of the separate replicated elements in the Results program.

Figure 1: Collection interface to varying assumptions

The original variants are also replaced by collections, which then group and label the replicated elements in the expanded model.

The variants in a template are not included in its colour block as this would blur the distinction between replicants and variants. However, when the model is replicated, each replicant becomes a collection, with a colour block indicating the related copies of the original replicant, and each variant also becomes a collection, with a colour block indicating the scope of a particular variant.

Figure 2: Colour blocks used to show replicated structure


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