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9.5.1 Creating a template

The simplest way to identify a group of model elements for replication is as follows:

  1. Select the elements by rubber-banding – see 4.4.4 Selecting elements – or by clicking the individual icons while holding down the <Shift> key.
  2. Click the Template button on the toolbar or press <Ctrl+Shift+P>.

A template element is created. The previously selected elements, which we will now refer to as ‘replicants’, are linked to the template icon with a series of dark blue lines. In addition, a colour block is drawn around the template and its associated elements. If the Automatic Names option is not selected, the Editor will prompt for a name for this template. Otherwise, you can do this manually from the icon menu (or by pressing <F2>). For this example, we will use the name City.

Adding an element to a template

Alternatively you may prefer to create a template first. Individual or multiple elements may then be added to the template by holding down the <Ctrl> key and dragging the elements onto the template icon.

Removing an element from a template

Individual elements may be removed from a template:

  1. Right-click the link between template and replicant. The link menu is displayed.
  2. Select Unlink from the menu. The element is removed from the template (but not deleted).

Alternatively, you can right click on the template element and select Details from the pop-up menu. Select the element you want to remove from the Replicants box and then select Remove Element from List on the dialog Edit menu (or press <Del>).

Using colour blocks to group elements in a template

As soon as you add an element to a template, a colour block is drawn around both icons, making it easier to see which elements belong together. The default colour block style can be set for all templates in a view using the Display Options… dialog available from the main Element menu – see 9.2.3 Using colour blocks to visually group elements in a Collection. Colour blocks can also be added or customised for individual templates in a view.


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