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8.2.2 Model files on the server

All model files are stored in an ‘offline folder’ so that the only possible access is through the controlled interface of the eSTEM service. An original model is posted, together with two configuration files:

  • the model configuration is generated by the export and governs which inputs can be modified and results returned by the eSTEM service
  • the service configuration maps a unique model identifier (also generated by the export) onto the offline folder containing the original master model.

Web-service software stack and hosted model folder structure

When a given user connects to a specific model, they will interact with a dedicated (and isolated) copy of the model in a per-user sub-folder:

  • this avoids any possible crosstalk with other users
  • the user has the option to save and retrieve named sub-variants
  • the model can be reverted to the original master values at any time.

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