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8.2.1 The end-user experience and associated benefits

The figure below depicts an eSTEM application on one of Implied Logic’s servers.

STEM model running on a remote web server

An HTML page is downloaded to a local web browser, including initial model inputs and results. The end user can change selected inputs by moving spinner or slider controls, selecting items from dropdown menus or by entering text in the usual way, limited to ranges defined by the original modeller.

After pressing the Run button, updated results are returned to the client web page, and charts and tables are re-drawn with the latest values.

The end user does not have to install any special software, and the immediacy of the web delivery is combined with the mathematical integrity of a STEM model on the back end (with the usual wide range of external database or spreadsheet data sources). Any sensitive data remains out of harm’s way on the web server, and the model can be fixed or updated in situ independent of the HTML interface without having to worry about any old copies of a model in circulation.


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