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8.2.7 Streamlined upload for eSTEM models

eSTEM is a server configuration which supports the online presentation of a STEM model in a webpage connected to a set of related STEM calculations performed on a central server. The Create Web Interface function in the C-STEM desktop software generates all the components required (according to inputs and results selected in the Editor and results programs) to create such an online presentation.

When you press OK in the Create Web Interface dialogs in the Editor and results programs the generated files are stored in separate online and offline folders on your hard disk, ready to upload to your server. In STEM 7.4, you then had to manually select these files and copy them to the appropriate separate online and offline locations on the server. Although this process was straightforward enough, it involved several steps every time you updated your web presentation files, and could lead to mistakes and omissions if there were repeated revisions.

In STEM 7.5, now the generated files can be uploaded directly from STEM onto your server, without the need for manual transfer. The server and online/offline paths are stored with local export settings, together with the credentials required to connect to the server (optional). It is also possible to configure security limits on the size of uploads to the server.


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