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9.3.5 Saving and running scenarios

When you save a model which contains scenario data, the Editor stores the working model data, the scenario structure, and the scenario data, in one file. If you want to copy a model to another machine, all you need to copy are the .dtl (data) and .icp (layout) files; the .dtm (binary data) is generated from the .dtl, as is the .smr (results) file.

When STEM runs the scenarios, the alternative data are then applied to generate additional .dtm and .smr files. To keep things tidy on disk, STEM creates a sub-directory (folder) to store these scenario files. If, for example, the model is saved in the file c:\stem\simple.dtl, when you first run any of its scenarios, STEM creates a sub-directory (folder) c:\stem\simple.scn\, and the first scenario is stored in the file c:\stem\simple.scn\1.dtm.


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