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5.4.3 Selection of a base result

As well as selecting a base element or scenario, it is now also possible to select a base result. For example, you can display various costs as a proportion of revenue:

  1. Select the element(s) of interest in the Elements tab (e.g., Video).
  2. In the Results tab, select several results you are interested in (e.g., Operating Charge, Operating Costs, Operating Profit and Revenue).
  3. Select Quotient as the Operation and Revenue as the Base result.

Figure 1: Selection of a base result and associated operation in the Results tab

  1. Press OK to draw the graph. A graph is drawn showing Operating Charge, Operating Costs and Operating Profit for the Video service as a proportion of Revenue.

Figure 2: Graph of Operating Charge, Costs and Profit as a proportion of Revenue for the Video service


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