STEM help / Results program skills

5.1 General introduction to the Results program

The STEM Results program is designed to provide instant access to the results generated when a STEM model is run, providing quick, ‘what-if’ analyses of the effects of changes to the model input data. Results are displayed on the screen in both graphical and tabular formats, and can be compared between different elements, different scenarios within a model, and also between models.

Graphs and tables can be printed or exported to other applications (e.g., see 6.1 Exporting views and graphs), and the underlying, numerical data can be saved to disk in a variety of customisable formats. It is also possible to export data from results graphs to Excel. The results data can be linked dynamically so that the results shown in Excel can be updated directly (see 6.4 Exporting results data to Excel for more detail).


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