STEM help / Results program skills

5.1.2 Essential STEM Results concepts

STEM provides some standard graph definitions, which group several results for a particular type of element, together with an overall title, y-axis label and format specification – bar/column/line, etc. These pre-defined graphs are accessed via the Graphs/Draw… command, and selected in the Graphs tab of the Draw dialog.

STEM also produces time-series results for the whole network, as well as the main types of model element: services, transformations, functions, resources and cost indices. These results are generated for the model Run Period (as specified in the STEM Editor), and are accessed via the Graphs/Draw… command, and selected in the Results tab of the Draw dialog.

Any graph drawn on the screen can be individually re-formatted, overriding the format specified in the original definition. The underlying numerical data can be viewed directly as a table, using the Format/Show Graph As Table command, and saved to disk with the Graphs/Save All Visible command.

It is also possible to export data from results graphs to Excel. The results data can be linked dynamically so that inputs defined in Excel link through to the model, and results shown in Excel can be updated directly (see 6.4 Exporting results data to Excel).


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