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5.1.4 Files used by the STEM Results program

The input data for a STEM model called SIMPLE are saved in a file called simple.dtl (and also in binary form in a file called simple.dtm). When the model is run, STEM stores the subsequent results in a file called simple.smr – the results file – and then automatically loads these results into the STEM Results program. Only a small part of the results file is actually loaded into memory – the actual data are retrieved from the file as required. Results workspaces and views are saved in a file called simple.smw.

The STEM Results program can be customised through the use of configuration files. Usually STEM automatically loads the default configuration from a file called default.cnf, but you can save changes to this file or save/load other configurations with the File/Open and Save Config commands. (In particular, when you first run a model called SIMPLE, STEM will load simple.cnf instead of default.cnf, if you have saved a special configuration for that model.)

The set of results files loaded into STEM (which may be from potentially multiple models), together with the current configuration, can be saved as a results workspace. This workspace can be opened later as a shorthand for opening the results and configuration files separately. Workspace files have the extension .smw.

File type Extension
STEM model results .smr
STEM results workspace .smw
STEM configuration file .cnf

STEM Results file types


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