STEM help / Editor skills

4.27 Exiting the STEM Editor

After any session working with STEM, there inevitably comes a point when you want to close down the Editor:

  • click on the button on the main window, or
  • double-click on the main System menu, or
  • press <Alt+F4>, or
  • select Exit from the File menu.

First of all, the Editor closes any data dialogs, notes or graphs which may have been displayed. Then, if there are any models loaded which have been modified, for each model in turn, you will be asked whether or not to save changes. You have the option to cancel, leaving the Editor running normally, e.g., if you want to review the outstanding changes.

Once all the loaded models have been closed, the Editor exits immediately.

Note: The Results program is a separate application which must be closed down independently, although the procedure is very similar.


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