STEM help / Editor skills

4.4 Working with model elements, icons, links and text boxes

The STEM Editor allows you to construct a picture of the telecoms network or fragment that you want to model. Each element within the network – e.g., service demand and the resources to satisfy that demand – is created from the toolbar and then represented as an icon in a view window.

Each element has a number of associated dialogs, accessed from a pop-up menu on the icon, which allow you to enter and review data for that element, such as Service Demand and Tariffs, and Resource Capacity, Lifetime and Costs.

An element can be represented as an icon in several views, and each corresponding icon in the respective views provides access to the same model data. Individual icons can be hidden, or removed from view altogether, without deleting the elements themselves. The Find function can be used to help you locate and swiftly access an element by name (or sub-string match) – see 4.21.1 Finding elements, text and values.


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