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4.10 Editing Transformation data

STEM provides a variety of Transformation elements, individually tailored for different purposes and all built on the common functionality of Inputs, Transformation and Resource Requirements. The application of these elements is described in detail in 10.3.34 Transformations.

To access the main input data for an individual Transformation: select Input and Transformation from a Transformation icon menu.

Each type of Transformation has a different set of input data – rather like the alternative constructions for a time series – and the corresponding dialog has a similar, additional menu which allows you to change from one type of Transformation to another.

Changing type in an Input and Transformation dialog

The Input and Transformation dialog for all types of transformation shows the Output Unit field first, followed by a common Multiplier attribute. The common multiplier attribute makes it possible to compare multipliers in a tabular dialog.

Transformation-specific details such as Grade of Service and Sites fields for an Erlang B transformation, or Expression for an Expression transformation are shown next under the heading Transformation.


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