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4.25 Auditing the calculation of results at run time

When you run a model, or any of its scenarios, a comprehensive set of results is generated for each model element, from Service demand to Resource installation and costs, Service revenues, allocated costs, cashflows and profit. Additional results are calculated when required as derived results in the Results program, especially on the financial side.

However, it would be impractical for the model engine to store intermediate results for every Service/Resource pairing, such as allocated usage, slack capacity or cost, nor for every stage of the calculations. Nevertheless, there are occasions when it would be extremely useful to access these data:

  • to gain an insight into the dynamics of a model
  • to verify that the calculations are appropriate
  • to justify the results to others.

Now there is a feature that does just that, showing pertinent data for selected elements and results on-screen, or written to a log file.


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