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4.25.4 Auditing specific calculations

When you select a result as the basis for an audit, the model engine may report on several features which directly affect that result. The model engine identifies each result with possibly several underlying features or stages of calculation from which the audit information originates. However, sometimes you may be specifically interested in reviewing the calculations relating to a particular model feature. To this end, a number of named features, prefixed with an asterisk, are presented along with the familiar result names in the Select Audit Results dialog for each type of element, allowing you to audit the corresponding calculations directly.

Suppose you want to review Resource deployment calculations without the distraction of information relating to other factors governing Resource installation:

  1. Double-click the Results list in the Resource Audit dialog. The Select Audit Results dialog is displayed.
  2. Select *Deployment from the list and click OK to close the dialog. The list of Results in the Resource Audit dialog is updated to reflect the selection.
  3. Select Save and Run from the File menu (or press <F5>). Now when the model runs, the only audit output will relate to the deployment calculations, taking all preceding calculations, such as those relating to a utilisation constraint, as given.

Note: You can audit several features at once, or a combination of features and results, by making a multiple selection in the Select Audit Results dialog.


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