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4.13.8 Saving ODBC driver identifiers

If you create additional ODBC driver identifiers, you can click the Save button in the ODBC Drivers dialog (or the Define External Link dialog) to save changes to the configuration of any drivers you have added. Otherwise STEM will ask whether you want to save these changes when you exit the Editor. STEM will store the saved drivers in STEM.INI for use in future sessions.

Loading a model on another machine

Since any additional ODBC driver identifiers you create are stored in STEM.INI, they will only be available on another STEM user’s machine if you take a copy of STEM.INI, or it is a networked installation with a common path to STEM.INI.

This raises the possibility that, when you load a model, a driver identifier specified by an external link in that model may not be available (i.e., defined) on your machine, in which case you will have to re-create it, if you don’t have access to the original STEM.INI. You can do this from the ODBC Drivers dialog in the usual way.

Alternatively, if you select the link in the External Links dialog and click Change…, STEM will ask whether you want to create the driver with the original identifier name, and will then just prompt for the corresponding connection string.


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