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4.7.1 Interpolated Series

A time series specified as an Interpolated Series consists of a number of year/value pairs. STEM provides a special dialog with rows for years and values respectively, and a formula bar, similar to normal data dialogs.

Interpolated series dialog

In order to enter a single value:

  1. enter a number for the year, then
  2. enter a corresponding value in the cell below.

Note: Only numeric constants are allowed for Interpolated Series years and values.

Years are automatically sorted into chronological order and values are interpolated between these years. If you want to define a series of values for consecutive years:

  1. enter the first value, as above, then
  2. enter further values in the cells to the right.

Whenever you enter a value without defining the year, the Editor sets the year to the previous year plus one, or zero if none is defined.

Note: If you change type, only the first-year value will be copied into an alternative time-series construction.

Similar dialogs are provided for Service/Transformation Resource Requirements and the global Finance Rates, all of which consist of a number of Interpolated Series.


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