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Service / Administrative Costs

In this dialog, you enter the details of Service Costs relating to Administration and Provision in the Calibration Period. You also access the Cost Allocation dialog where, if you have specified a wholly or partially Cost-Dependent Tariff policy, these costs are apportioned to each of the three tariffs – Connection, Usage and Rental.

Admin Cost

The Calibration Period value of the administration cost per period (as defined by the Cost Period input) for each connection to a Service (e.g., the cost of billing customers), independent of Resources used.

Default: 0.0.

Provision Cost

The one-off cost of providing a new connection to a Service in the Calibration Period (e.g., assigning a number, setting up billing) independent of Resources used.

Applies to all new connections to a Service, including those caused by churn.

Default: 0.0.


Global Currency Unit

The unit for all monetary inputs to the model, e.g., DM, Dollars, Pounds, Yen. Either type in a unit or choose from the drop-down list. Currencies are listed alphabetically by full currency name; each name is followed by the appropriate three-letter ISO code(s). For example, Francs is followed by BEF, CHF and FRF. STEM performs no currency conversions, and any changes in a dialog will be applied globally.

The selection has no mathematical effect on the model but the text is used to label the y-axis on results graphs.

Default: none.

Cost Period

Defines a reference period for recurring cost inputs such as Maintenance Cost, Administration Cost or Operations Cost (which are interpreted as cost per cost period, such as EUR per month or USD per annum). This indicates how the cost input should then be scaled in proportion to the length of the current period for calculation.

Default: Year.

Cost Trends

Calibration Period

The period when various cost input data apply. Results for other years are calculated using the relevant Cost Trends.

For a Resource: all Costs.

For a Service: Administration and Provision Costs.

Default: Y0. Cost and tariff input data apply at the start of the model run.

Admin Trend

A time series representing the relative development of the Administration Cost throughout the model run.

Default: Constant 0.0.

Provision Trend

A time series representing the relative development of the Provision Cost throughout the model run.

Default: Constant 1.0.


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