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This dialog has a button for each Resource in the model, grouped by Function (where defined). Clicking on one of these buttons takes you to the individual Requirement dialog for the corresponding Resource.

Alternatively, you can click the Expand button on the Requirements dialog menu in order to expand each button in place, thus providing an interface to compare the complete Requirement assumptions for each Resource.

Tabular equivalents of this dialog can be accessed from the icon menu for both a selection and a Collection of Services or Transformations.

Individual Requirement dialog

Mapping (1)

The relative proportions in which Resources are used to satisfy incremental demand for Function capacity from a Service or a Transformation.

These proportions can be changed over time to model technological advances, but must sum to one (or zero) in each year.

Default: 1.0.

Supply Ratio

The number of units of Resource capacity supplied per unit of Function capacity required by a particular Service or Transformation.

Default: 1.0.

Churn Proportion (2)

A proportion of the demand from a Service or Transformation using a particular Resource, which is re-allocated each year as incremental demand, according to the current proportions in the Requirements dialog.

This mechanism can accelerate the introduction of new Resources into a model, since demand is transferred to a new Resource before the original Resource reaches the end of its physical lifetime. The Redundant Unit Decommissioning Proportion then allows you to model early decommissioning of redundant Resources.

Default: Constant {0.0}. Each unit of demand continues to use the Resource to which it is initially assigned.


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