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4.24.3 Authorising STEM via a soft licence

With this method of authorisation, no hardware key is required. Instead, a soft authorisation code is generated which will enable STEM to run without a dongle. In order to take advantage of this facility, a user must first obtain a serial number for the licence from Implied Logic.

Then, to request or update a soft licence:

  1. In the STEM Editor, go to the Key menu and select Check Soft Licensing… The Soft Licensing dialog is displayed.
  2. Enter your serial number and email details.

  1. Press the Request Key button. This sends a request for a new licence key to Implied Logic via the Internet. If you need authorisation to get out from behind a firewall or proxy, you will be asked for your user name and password.
  2. If the request is successful, an email containing the key will be emailed to you. Copy and paste the key string from the email into the indicated Licence Key edit box, and press the Authorise Key button. STEM should now be activated.

If there is a problem, a message box will give information why. If you cannot fix the problem, email the details to Implied Logic (if necessary you can use <Alt + PrintScrn> to capture a picture of the dialog, and enclose this with your email).

Note: Unlike authorisation via a hardware security key, a soft licence is tied to a specific computer and cannot be transferred between users. In addition, soft licences are provided for a fixed period only – up to 90 days – to minimise the impact of, for example, theft of the computer.


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