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4.8.2 Accessing time-series parameters

The buttons in the left-hand column provide familiar and immediate access to the underlying parameters for each time-series input (in this example, an Exponential Growth dialog for the penetration input), as well as a means to enter a formula for an entire series – see 4.7.3 Time-series formulae. Conceptually, a time-series button represents the series as a whole; so if you wish to copy and paste an entire row, this should be done through the button rather than by selecting the individual cells in the row.

You can also access the parameters for the current row from any cell:

  1. Select Parameters from the dialog Move menu, or press <Alt+P>.

If you modify any of the underlying parameters, then naturally the time-series view updates to reflect newly calculated values. In this example, if you change the Base Period to Y1, then the 50% Base will move to appear in the Y1 column of the time-series view.

Note: Pressing the button in the Exponential Growth dialog simply returns you to the original time-series view, as all the parameters are scalars – there is only one view for all of the demand assumptions.


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